Cremations are the most popular choice in the UK to say goodbye to a loved one. Over 75% of funeral services are for cremations.

We have two crematoriums:

Services at our crematoria

Services at our crematoriums are available throughout the week. We can arrange for cremations on the weekend by appointment.

Weekday services begin at 8:30am with the last service starting at 3:30pm.

The time allocated for a service is 45 minutes. However, this does include time for access and egress, which may leave 25 or 30 minutes for the actual service.

If you are expecting a large attendance or would like a longer service, we would recommend that you consider an extended time slot. This can be in increments of 45 minutes to suit your needs.

Lambeth Simple Funeral

The Lambeth Simple Funeral is a direct service arranged by our team to assist those who may be constrained by budget or may wish for a simple, dignified funeral.

About the Lambeth Simple Funeral.

Arranging a cremation yourself

Like burials, a cremation can be arranged without the need of a funeral director.

Our team can advise you and assist you with completion of paperwork to enable you to organise a cremation yourself.

No cremation can take place until the required statutory forms have been completed, returned to us and authorised by our appointed medical referee.

Up to five forms have to be completed. You can download the forms from GOV.UK or we can arrange to post or email them to you.

If you are arranging the cremation of an infant, please contact us for guidance on the relevant forms required.

Options for cremated remains

Cremated remains can be:

  • scattered in our Gardens of Remembrance,
  • scattered on a grave with the permission of the grave owner (please speak to us before selecting this option as it may prevent any further interments within the plot),
  • placed in a columbarium niche for a dedicated period of time (currently 10 years),
  • taken away to be scattered or buried elsewhere or kept in your possession


We offer a variety of memorials for you to remember your loved one.

The Book of Remembrance is the most popular form of memorial, and we also have cremation plots, rose bushes and plaques.

View our memorials.

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