Our Service Standards

We aim to deliver a high-quality bereavement service to all visitors and citizens. We aim to provide within cemeteries and crematoria a source of comfort, closure and reflection for all.

During the pandemic, we may not be able to meet all service standards as we concentrate on funeral services. Please do bear with us.

To facilitate this, we seek to achieve the service standards listed below.

If you believe that these standards are not being met, please let us know by:

General standards

  • Phone calls are answered within 30 seconds.
  • Written correspondence will be acknowledged within 10 working days.
  • Email correspondence is acknowledged within two working days.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged in two working days and we aim to send a full response within 20 working days.

Cremation standards

Cremation services are arranged as required with the statutory paperwork delivered no less than 48 hours before the proposed cremation.

  • Memorial guidance and literature is posted to the applicant within 14 days of the cremation.
  • Collection of cremated remains is possible within 24 hours (with advanced notice).
  • Overseas certificate and register extracts are available with one working days’ notice.

Burial standards

  • Burial services are arranged as requested, but this is dependent on the production of the statutory paperwork.
  • Exclusive Right of Burial paperwork will be posted to the principal grave owner within 8 weeks after the burial has taken place*
  • Cemetery regulations will be available to view on demand in working hours.

*This may change due to the level of accuracy and detail needed to administer deeds.

Admin standards

  • Grave search written applications are processed within 28 working days of receipt.
  • Transfer of ownership applications are processed within 21 working days of receipt.
  • Memorial permits are processed within 21 working days of receipt.
  • Applications for dedications are processed within five working days of receipt and once a proof is agreed, will be in place dependent on memorial supplier timeframes.
  • Book of Memory dedications will be processed within five working days of receipt and they will be available to view dependent on the chosen date.

Grounds maintenance standards

  • Grass-cutting is carried out throughout the year, so long as ground conditions are suitable.
  • Main burial areas will be cut to amenity standards with cutting carried out approximately every 5-6 weeks.
  • Designated conservation areas, usually sited in Victorian burial areas, will be cut annually in autumn.
  • Formal sections, including the Gardens of Remembrance and entrances, will be cut to lawn standards dependent on the funeral directory.
  • Flower beds are weeded and maintained every four weeks.
  • Grave top-ups will be carried out within 4 weeks of receipt, but please note that this may carry a fee.
  • Litter bins are emptied every week and litter picking is carried out every two weeks as required.
  • Please note that grave maintenance is the responsibility of the individual grave owner.