Conservation area profiles

Profiles of Lambeth’s conservation areas, including designation reports, appraisals and maps to download.

Albert Embankment (CA57)

Reference number: CA 57

First designated: 26 November 2001

Boundary changes: The conservation area boundary was last changed on 18 July 2016.

The conservation area runs along Lambeth’s River Thames frontage from the borough boundary with Wandsworth to Westminster Bridge and includes the embankment walk and retaining walls, opens spaces and 19th and 20th century developments – the most significant being the St Thomas’ Hospital Complex. The conservation area includes some of the best public vantage points from which to appreciate the Westminster World Heritage Site.

The Embankment walls, lamp standards and benches - along with a small minority of the buildings - date from the 19th century.

CA 57 - Albert Embankment Map

CA 57 - Albert Embankment Designation Report

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 1

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 2

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Report

Gazette Notice August 2016

Albert Embankment Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2017