Conservation area profiles

Profiles of Lambeth’s conservation areas, including designation reports, appraisals and maps to download.

Albert Square (CA4)

Reference number: CA 4

First designated: September 1976

Boundary extended: February 1997

Article 4 Direction: Yes

The conservation area is characterised by formal terraces of middle class 19th century housing with unified architectural detailing. The formality of the buildings and their arrangements, along conventional streets and a square is of particular interest, so too is the mature landscaping of the square and the presence of rear gardens.

CA 04 - Albert Square Article 4 Direction 1973

CA 04 - Albert Square Conservation Area Statement 2009

CA 04 - Albert Square Extension Report 1975

CA 04 - Albert Square Extension Report 1976

CA 04 - Albert Square Extension Report 1997

CA 04 - Albert Square Map

CA 04 - Albert Square Press Notice 1976