Conservation area profiles

Profiles of Lambeth’s conservation areas, including designation reports, appraisals and maps to download.

Loughborough Park (CA27)

Reference number: CA 27

First designated: 30 March 1981

Boundary changes: January 1987 and January 2024

An attractive and well-planned development of mostly detached and paired mid-to-late 19th century houses. The buildings are of high architectural quality and the area retains much of its original character.

CA 27 - Loughborough Park Map

CA 27 - Loughborough Park Designation Report 1981

CA 27 - Loughborough Park Extension Report 1987

CA27 - Loughborough Park Conservation Area draft character appraisal (Sep 2020)

CA27 - Loughborough Park Boundary Changes 08/01/2024