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Streatham Common (CA43)

Reference number: CA 43

First designated: 16 June 1994

Boundary changes: The conservation area boundary was last changed on 18 July 2016.

Streatham Common is a centuries-old open space that forms the heart of this conservation area. It is complemented by the adjoining, onlooking buildings.

The common has an open-landscaped character, becoming wilder as it rises from Streatham High Road. The perimeter buildings (commercial, residential and institutional) reflect the 19th century development of the district. The Rookery and Park Hall (both historic landscapes of merit adjoining the common), are also included in this conservation area.

CA 43 - Streatham Common Designation Report (1994)

CA 43 - Streatham Common Map

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 1

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 2

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Report

Gazette Notice August 2016

Streatham Common Character Appraisal 2017