Conservation area profiles

Profiles of Lambeth’s conservation areas, including designation reports, appraisals and maps to download.

Minet Estate (CA25)

Reference number: CA 25

First designated: 20 October 1980

Boundary extended: 1 December 1982. The conservation area boundary was last changed on 18 July 2016.

A late 19th century private housing estate. The estate is uniquely ‘self-sufficient’ with schools, a community hall, a library, churches and a public park. The residential buildings have a strong character with unifying materials and common detailing. Good garden planting and mature trees add to the special character.

CA 25 - Minet Estate Map

CA 25 - Minet Estate Designation Report

CA 25 - Minet Estate Extension Report

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 1

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 2

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Report

Gazette Notice August 2016

Minet Estate Conservation Area Statement 2016