Conservation area profiles

Profiles of Lambeth’s conservation areas, including designation reports, appraisals and maps to download.

South Bank (CA38)

Reference number: CA 38

First designated: 27 July 1982

Boundary extended: 12 October 1998. The conservation area boundary was last changed on 18 July 2016.

A nationally important collection of 20th century buildings fronting the south bank of the Thames.

The earliest significant building is County Hall, dating from the 1920s. The majority of buildings date from the post-war reconstruction. The Royal Festival Hall (Grade I) and the centrepiece of the Festival of Britain site acted as a catalyst for the development of the whole area.

CA 38 - South Bank Map

CA 38 - South Bank Conservation Area Statement

CA 38 - South Bank Designation Report

CA 38 - South Bank Extension Report

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 1

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Appendix 2

Boundary changes 18/07/16 Report

Gazette Notice August 2016