Video library

Here are some free videos, and other ideas, that can help parents play, talk and enjoy time with their children.

Some teach parents activities to try with children. Others are for parents and children to watch together. Keep checking this page. We will keep adding them.

There are four sections

  1. Play activities
  2. Interactive games
  3. Communication and interaction
  4. Turn taking and attention games

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Play activities

Play is crucial to children’s development. Here are some simple, fun activities to try at home.

Lambeth’s Children’s Centers circle time

Staff from children’s centers across Lambeth have made some circle time videos. There are lots of different activities and sing-along sessions.

Catia’s singing board

Playdough activities

Playdough is quick and easy to make. Everything you need is in your kitchen. It lasts up to 4 weeks if you put it in a bag or box in the fridge.

How to make playdough

Here are some other kinds of playdough

Make a sensory ball

Use a balloon and some colourful water beads to make a sensory ball.

Sensory bottles

Sensory bottles are fun to make. Fill different bottles with different things and have fun.

Sensory project

Here are some ideas and live links especially for children with SEND.

Using a yoga ball

There are loads of fun ways to use a yoga ball. Children love them, and they’re great for improving muscle tone and stimulating senses

Interactive games

The BBC’s CBeebies Channel has loads of games, puzzles and quizzes.

Mr Tumble’s Something Special uses a sign language called Makaton to help children learn how to communicate and develop language skills in a fun and exciting way.

Children can sing and play along with lots of CBeebies friends at the CBeebies House

Singing Hands UK has hundreds of short Makaton songs to watch and learn.

Communication and interaction

Learn some ways to develop children’s communication and interaction skills.

Back and forth learning

Back and forth exchanges are the best way for children to learn language and communication skills

Intensive interaction

Watch Sasha and his teacher enjoy an intensive interaction activity.

Understanding language in Downs Syndrome

This video can help you understand how speech and language develops and how to support children with Downs Syndrome.

Evelina Chatter Time sessions

Lambeth & Southwark’s speech and language team have live ChatterTime sessions on their Facebook page. Don’t worry if you miss it live, they’re all saved for later.

Using visuals

Lambeth’s Educational Psychology Team explain what visuals are and how they can be used with your children.

Turn taking and attention games

Turn taking activities are an important way of building positive relationships and social skills.

What's in the bucket?

Help young learners develop their attention and maths skills

I've got something in my box

Marianna shows children that home is a safe and fun place to be.