Early years SEND support

Find out how child children with SEND are supported before they start school, what the Early Years SEN service does and what the EarlyBird programme can do for parents. There's also information about early years services in other boroughs around Lambeth.

SEND support before school

What extra help can children get with learning before school? Find out what should be done and how providers can get support them from the Early Years Inclusion Fund.

Early Years SEN Service

The Early Years Special Educational Needs (SEN) Service offers advice and support to families who have children under five with complex needs or autism

EarlyBird Programme

Find out how families of autistic chlldren can get to know about their child's needs, communicate with them better and work to manage behaviour.

Early years advice, activities and guides

Things to watch, things to do and things to learn for families of young children with SEND, and for the children as well.

Early years outside Lambeth

Here's where you can find out about the early years services in some of the local authorities around Lambeth.

Childcare funding for children with SEND

Follow this path to learn about childcare funding for parents, carers and providers for children and young people with SEND aged from age 2 to 17. 

A graduated page to SEND support

What early years settings have to do when working through the 4 stages of the graduated approach