Taking control of your life

As you get older, the decisions get bigger and make more difference. Transition is a word you should hear more and more. It’s about preparing for adulthood.

Transition should start in Year 9. It’s really important in Year 11. It’s even more important as you get close to 18. When you hear the word transition, it means you have a chance to take control of your life!

Young people should be at the centre of decision making for their future. Transition is your chance to challenge the people who work with you and support you to help you understand your choices.

Transition should be a partnership. Between you, your family, your teachers, social workers, doctors, anyone who works with you. A partnership that helps you reach your goals.

Transition planning should help you answer questions like:

  • How can I choose my next school or college?
  • How can I find and keep a job?
  • How can I live more independently?
  • How can I find things to do in my spare time?
  • How can I stay safe and healthy?

KIDS is a charity that helps children and young people with SEND get the best out of their lives. Visit their preparing for adulthood web page and download their ‘Preparing for Adulthood 14 - 25 Transition Guide’

A young disabled person explains that he wants to be the one who makes the decisions that affect his life, not his parents

Young Person’s Guide to SEND Disagreement Resolution  

Planning for transition doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes people don’t agree. To help you understand how to complain, how to get your voice heard, you can read this guide to disagreement resolution.