Do you need support in your new home?

If you prefer a housing type that does not include support, there are still support options available. These normally consist of a person (support worker) that will go into your home for a short period of time during the day to help with a specific task. Support options could include:

Floating support

This is when a person from a team of workers moves from one person to another, providing daily living assistance to people in their own homes.

This assistance may include domestic tasks (keeping yourself and your home tidy), budgeting (making sure that you pay your bills) and tenancy support (making sure that you look after the property and are a good neighbour).

Home care support

This is where a support worker goes into a person’s home to undertake or help with daily living tasks. These are normally provided through social services and you may have to pay for this support.

Tenancy support

This is where a housing department or a charity can offer someone support to make sure that they follow the rules of their tenancy by paying their rent, being a good neighbour and keeping their property clean and tidy.

Providing for your care and support comes under the responsibility of our social services department. This could include an assessment for the provision of care in the home.