Whether you are sure or not about what you want to do in life, it might be useful to read about different jobs and network with people in different professions. Or, you might just want to try things for yourself.

A really good way to gain skills, experience and knowledge is to secure some voluntary work or work experience.

Voluntary work is any activity or service that involves working or spending time unpaid, doing something that benefits someone else and yourself. It could be your first steps to take before securing paid employment.

Work experience is a short-term arrangement with an employer to help you experience the world of work and develop skills, knowledge and confidence. Work experience is generally unpaid but very useful to have on your CV.

A good way to decide what you would like to do is by:

  • considering your interests, including likes and dislikes
  • writing down a plan and explore ideas, including the things you look for in a job, such as benefits and development
  • thinking about a profession that interests and inspires you
  • being realistic and making sure that you have the relevant skills and meet the entry requirements.

Sign up and get going

You could join Team Lambeth or find out about other ways to volunteer on the council's own volunteering page.

Volunteer Centre Lambeth can also help match your interests with volunteering opportunities.