Occupational therapy & speech and language therapy

Occupational therapy (OT)

Guys and St Thomas’ occupational therapy run an advice clinic for families in Lambeth who want to know more about OT and whether their child needs some support. Occupational therapists (OTs) offer advice about functional skills, like handwriting and dressing, and sensory needs around sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

The clinic runs on the second Thursday of each month, between 9.30 and 12.15. It usually happens at Mary Sheridan Centre, 5 Dugard Way, SE11 4TH. You get one 30 minute session with an OT. They will give you advice or discuss how your child’s needs may be met.

The clinic is currently being run virtually due to COVID restrictions. To book a slot, call 020 3989 1954. Visit the Evelina London website to find out more.

Speech and language therapy (SLT)

Guys and St Thomas’ also provide speech and language therapy services to children and young people in Lambeth. Their speech and language therapists (SLTs) give specialist advice, and assess children, and young people up to age 19,  who have difficulties with communication, like:

  • understanding and interacting with others
  • attention, listening and memory
  • talking, speech sounds and stammering

They also work with babies, children and young people who have eating, drinking and swallowing 

They run advice sessions for parents and carers. These help make sure that they can help improve their children’s communication skills. They also advise and train other professionals, like school and nursery staff, social workers and many others working with children and young people.

Parents and carers can see an SLT at a Chattertime session or a monthly drop-in, which are open to all children under five.

Visit the Evelina London website to find out more about speech and language therapy support.