Early years inclusion training

Free training is available for all Lambeth staff working with or that give advice to families and their children under five years old.

All courses will be available to throughout the five-year project. There will be 10 in total. This is also great for any rolling Continuous Professional Development (CPD) you may have for staff or new starters.

We encourage as many people in each setting/team as possible to take the training to help your setting achieve the Master Level Kitemark as an inclusion friendly setting.

The courses are not assessed or accredited, but you will earn a certificate of completion at the end of each course and a final certificate on completion of the whole programme.

Download the course information leaflets below, then sign up by completing the short registration form


Email: training@dingley.org.uk 

A little snapshot of what our learners committed to doing differently because of the training …

Kay, Dorset: “I will be more mindful when observing children around their sensory needs. I have a better understanding around hearing, touch and smell. I will improve my practice in regard to taking tiny steps when introducing new textures and foods for touch and smell. Also, the use of visuals for hearing.”

Katie, Reading: “I will provide practical teaching strategies within our group session and ensure everyone attending the sessions feels welcome and valued by ensuring all the children and their parents/carers are included and supported individually.”

Pam, Kirklees: “We will use now and then boards, visual timetables, and a picture exchange system to help communication.”

Veronica, Lambeth: “To make some physical changes to the environment by creating more space in the classroom in case a child with a physical impairment joined.  Also, the use of more subtle colours for displays all around the setting to create a more calming environment for children with autism who may join the setting.”

Layla, Southampton: “Making a 'moving on to big school' booklet using pictures of teachers, the layout of rooms etc uniform, so children and parents can prepare themselves.”

Jeanette, Dorset : “To work closer with parents/child and school to create stable and environment which help to ensure that the child reaches their fullest potential possible.”